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The license is machine-locked. The license key is generated using the fingerprint of the client’s machine. The software can be used just on the machine for which the key was generated.

The software can be used on any computer to which the USB dongle is connected.

Price: 100

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EyeFace-SDK Optimal
UPGRADE, 1 year
Download 100
Total: 100 excl. VAT

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I. Act on Protection of Personal Data

The protection of personal data of the Purchaser, who is a natural person, is provided by the Act. No. 101/2000 Coll. of Personal Data Protection as amended.

II. Personal data

The Purchaser agrees to processing his following personal data: first name and surname, address of the domicile, registered office or place of business, registration number, tax registration number, address of the electronic mail and phone number (hereinafter referred in total as „personal data“).

III. Approval of the Purchaser

The Purchaser agrees to processing his personal data by the Seller, for the purposes of the implementation of rights and duties from the purchase contract and for the purpose of sending the information and business notes to the Purchaser.

IV. Correctness, truthfulness and updating the personal data

The Purchaser takes into account that is he obliged to state his personal data (in registration, in his user account, in the order made from the web interface of the shop) correctly and truthfully and he is obliged to inform the Seller of the change of his personal data without undue delay.

V. Processor of personal data

The Seller may authorize a third person as processor by processing the personal data of the Purchaser. Besides the persons transporting the goods, the personal data of the Seller will be not handed over to the third persons without preceding approval of the Purchaser.

VI. Time and way of processing the personal data

The personal data will be processed for indefinite term. The personal data will be processed in the electronic form in an automated way or in the printed form in the not automated way.

VII. Withdrawal of Purchaser's approval

The Purchaser confirms that the provided personal data are precise and he was informed that these personal data were provided voluntarily. The Purchaser declares he was instructed that the approval with processing the personal data may be, in relation to the Seller, withdrawn by the written notice delivered to the address of the Seller.

VIII. Wrongful processing of personal data

If the Purchaser supposes that the Seller or processor (Art. 9.5) performs the processing his personal data in contradiction with the protection of the private and personal life of the Purchaser or in contradiction with the law, especially if his personal data are not precise in view of the purpose of their processing, he may:

  1. ask the Seller or processor for explanation,
  2. ask that the Seller or processor to remedy this state. Especially the blocking, performing the correction, supplementing or liquidation of personal data may be required. If the request of the Purchaser according to the preceding sentence is found justified, the Seller or processor shall remedy immediately the wrongful state. If the Seller or processor does not grant the application, the Purchaser has the right to address directly the Office for Personal Data Protection. By this provision, the right of the Purchaser to address with his incentive directly the Office for Personal Data Protection is not influenced.

IX. Information of personal data processing

If the Purchaser asks for information concerning the processing his personal data, the Seller is obliged to give him this information. The Seller has the right to require an appropriate payment for providing the information not exceeding the cost necessary for providing the information.

X. Approval of the Purchaser to sending the business notes

The Purchaser agrees to sending the information associated with the goods, services and enterprise of the Seller to the electronic address of the Purchaser and moreover he agrees to sending the commercial notes of the Seller to the electronic address of the Purchaser. The Purchaser declares he was instructed that the approval to sending the commercial notes may be called off by the written notice delivered to the address of the Seller.

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